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What drives employees to thrive?

After being shacked up on our kitchen tables through (what felt like) an eternity of working from home, the craving to connect, collaborate and thrive after a stagnant year has not only become a priority, but a necessity for us creatives, freelancers, and business owners.

Here on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW, The Studio.Co Founders noticed they were missing the job satisfaction, creative buzz and business benefits that came with connection to others. And, it turns out, they weren’t the only ones.

For years, researchers have focused on what specifically drives employees to thrive. With countless studies on all things from work-life balance to employee benefits and productivity methods, there was one surprising discovery on thriving employees: coworking spaces!

A study by the Harvard Business Review saw patrons of a coworking space reporting an average score of 6 out of 7 when recording levels of thriving in the workplace. At least a point higher than those in a traditional office set-up, there are a couple of reasons behind the effectiveness of these the shared, communal settings…

Networking and collaboration opportunities

The undeniable difference between a work-from-home set-up and the environment of a coworking space is the connection. A collaborative space opens opportunities to work, learn and grow alongside other professionals, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking, collaborative brainstorm sessions and potential business connections and opportunities.


Without expensive, multiple-year leases, coworking spaces offer the stability of an office with the flexibility of choosing the day, time and frequency that works with your schedule. This helps to promote a healthy work-life balance while still offering the structure of a functional and professional working environment.

Professional amenities

Whether you’re looking for a quiet private desk, a collaborative meeting space or an impressive presentation room, it’s all included. Coworking space memberships include the opportunity to book a space to host as many or as little as you’d like. This includes printing, kitchen, and bathroom facilities, too!

With our innovative, beautifully designed coworking space in Kincumber, we’re passionate about bringing the Central Coast’s community together. With stunning facilities to choose from and no lock-in contracts, we’re the new (work from) home away from home to some of the Coast’s most creative small business owners. Flexible plans to suit your needs, reach out to us today to work, love and thrive with us here at The Studio.Co.

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