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Referral Rewards Program




Book a friend or colleague in for a complimentary trial day and get rewarded when they sign up to one of our plans*. You’ll be gifted a digital gift card of choice from or

*Plans & Associated Rewards:

Studio Resident Solo or Team Dedicated Desk Plan $500.00+gst per month - Reward | $150.00 Gift Card

Studio Unlimited Monthly Coworking Plan $350.00+gst per month - Reward | $100.00 Gift Card

Studio Nomad Plan(8 days per month) $240+gst per month - Reward | $50 Gift Card


Studio Unlimited 12 Month Coworking Plan @ $60 per week - Reward | $100.00 Gift Card

*Please note, any referrals that are not properly registered or introduced will not be eligible for referral credit, or via claims after the fact.


Simply book your guest in & lock in a day. There are no strings attached. It's completely up to your friend to activate their free pass. There's no need to contact us & there's no limit on how many referrals you make. Happy Days.





  • The referral must not be a current member or previous customer or member of The Studio Co.

  • The Referral must be made through the online form to be considered for a Referral Reward, no other forms of referrals are eligible for the rewards.




Terms & Conditions


  • Refer someone you know to The Studio Co and on their signing up to a plan at The Studio Co, you (The Referrer) will receive a Digital Gift Card (of your choice from the weblink above) according to the value in the rewards table above.

  • Referrals are for new customers only. Referrals who have already been to or contacted The Studio Co previously are not eligible for the reward.

  • Once a referral is made, the person referred must sign and pay for a Studio Co plan in order for the member to receive the Referral Reward. If no payment is received for an eligible plan then the reward is not payable by The Studio Co.

  • Digital Gift Card Referral Reward is a once off reward, and will be processed after the first paid plan start date for the new referred customer.

  • No equivalent dollar value will be payable by The Studio Co in lieu of a Gift Card at any time .

  • A single Referral Reward is applicable for each successful referral. However there are no limits to the number of new referrals an individual member can make.

  • You or your referral may be contacted by The Studio Co occasionally for sales and promotions.

  • A referral cannot be from the same business as the referring business.

  • This referral program is not valid in conjunction with any other offer and applies to the product plans in the table above.

  • Prices are subject to change without notice and as such the Referral Reward value may also reflect those changes.

  • Offer and availability is subject to change at any time without prior notice and may be ended at any time.

  • This referral program started on the 10th of August, 2023 and will continue to run until stated otherwise. The Studio Co reserves the right to refuse rewards to referring persons who have submitted their referral prior to the start date or after cancellation of this offer.

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